NCC Compliant Solution to Creaky Towers - CPD Workshop June, 30 2023

NCC Compliant Solution to Creaky Towers - CPD Workshop

30 June, 2023

NCC Compliant Solution to Creaky Towers - CPD Workshop June, 30 2023




June 30, 2023

Presentation overview: 

Movement of internal wall and ceiling systems in towers worldwide is causing an increasing amount of consternation in the industry in recent years. The “creaky tower” problem continues to frustrate tenants, contractors, developers, and specifiers. The problems created by such noise and damage leads to complaints and rectification costs, anxiety, and sleep deprivation of tenants, and reduced re-sale value of the actual asset. The implementation of requirements for the new National Construction Code also reinforces the importance of this issue.

In this presentation, we will discuss the scope, cause and solutions to this dilemma and will also address topics such as, acoustic, fire, and seismic designs.

By the end of this presentation, you will gain knowledge on how to design and specify high performing and NCC compliant wall and ceilings systems that are engineered to perform in extreme fire, moisture, impact, seismic and cyclonic conditions whilst maintaining safety and efficiency for the installers and consumers.

About the Company

Intex Group International is one of the leading suppliers of, efficient and high performing light weight, tested, approved, and certified wall and ceiling systems providing a safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions for architects, engineers, developers, and builders to choose for internal / external buildings and structures.

Today we will be concentrating on building compliance and safety by increasing, community safety, development yield, construction efficiency and safety using environmentally product known as Qubit 360°. Qubit 360° is part of the Rubix system which will be presented by Harland Attwood the Head of Commercial for Intex Group International.

At the end of this presentation attendees will be able to:

  1. The importance of not transferring loads/forces to the internal walls and ceilings by connecting it to the seismic force resisting system. (i.e concrete core /steel structure)
  2. Understand where and why the current walls and ceiling systems are not compliant to the National Construction Code.
  3. Explain the difference between isolation and non-isolation wall and ceiling systems, the positive and negative effects of both.


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