Sydney Build 2023

Sydney Build 2023

6-7 March, 2023

Sydney Build 2023


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February 27, 2023


Intex was proud to be part of the many exhibitors at the Sydney Build Expo on 6th - 7th March 2023 at the ICC Sydney.

With over 20,000 attendees, Sydney Build is the best-attended Construction Event in the whole of Australia.

Sydney Build is the only event in Australia to offer 300+ accredited presentations, 500+ exhibitors and incredible networking opportunities for all of Australia's construction, architecture, engineering and infrastructure industries.

Creaky Towers are a significant and unanswered global concern right now for insurance companies, investors, developers, builders, contractors, industry associations and of course tenants themselves. Beyond the frightening sounds lurks damage and danger, with cracking wall linings, dislodging fixings, twisting structural frames, tearing waterproofing membranes and breaking fire seals.

Building requirements such as the NCC (National Construction Code) in Australia are in place to address such concerns, however with today’s conventional internal wall systems not being entirely compliant and lining systems being directly loaded onto forces of the external structure, Creaking Towers and its symptoms are only increasing as we desire to build taller buildings on smaller footprints.

From a structural perspective of building cores, technology has advanced dramatically to adapt to changing landscapes, environments, social and cultural factors, however internal framing systems haven’t been in keeping with such developments. In recent years, many industry players have made attempts to address Creaking Towers, however these efforts have focused on symptoms not causes and intern further or alternative issues have been introduced.

After years of research and development in partnership with an extensive team of professors, engineers, regulators and designers, we are excited to announce there is a way to address this global concern; there is a solution that meets all respective building codes; there is a means to effectively absorb, isolate and deflect in-plane, out-of-plane and torsional movement inside buildings. We introduce Qubit360™, the unique and revolutionary ‘box-in-a-box’ methodology.