Warranty Registration

Thank you for choosing an Intex product!

For your peace of mind, subject to the product purchased, your new investment may be eligible for Intex Warranty registration. Complete the form below to register your warranty. By registering your product you also give consent to benefit from receiving marketing communications from Intex International.

Warranty Statement:

Intex Group International Pty Ltd (Intex) guarantees that all products manufactured by and or for Intex shall be free from defects under normal use. Your registered warranty means that the product you have purchased is covered against such defects, in accordance with any specific warranty period and conditions stated in the manual enclosed with the product.

 Warranty may invalidate due to:

  • Expiry of the warranty period.
  • Incorrect and unsuited product use (i.e. not in accordance with   Intex operation manual).
  • Unfulfilled specified product service or maintenance requirements.
  • Careless and unsuited product handling (i.e. damage caused by impacts, falls and climatic influences).
  • Wear and tear to normal wearing parts (e.g. brushes, bearings, sleeves, consumable accessories etc).
  • Battery Pack faults or defects after 700 charging cycles (even if identified inside the warranty period).
  • Product changes or modifications made from the new and original state without prior written approval from Intex.
  • Service and or repairs performed by non-Authorised Intex Service Agents and or personnel.
  • Non-original and genuine Intex spare parts, accessories and or consumable materials used.
  • The product not being manufactured by and or for Intex.
  • The product not being purchased from Intex or an Authorised Intex Reseller.
  • Intex and or the Authorised Intex Reseller not having been paid in full for the product.